Adam Guzman

Videography Tutorials

Hey everyone, I’m Adam Guzman. I am a videographer for a marketing company in Alpharetta called Influential Commerce. We represent brands like Wild Willies Beard Grooming Company. I graduated from Georgia College a year ago majoring in Mass Communications with a focus in Digital Media Production. I will be offering beginner tutorials in how to use a video camera, how to edit on premiere pro and any other kind of help that may be needed to help you become comfortable creating professional video content.

Through VolunTeach, I would like to raise money for the National Day Laborer Organizing Network’s Immigrant Worker Safety Net Fund. (Kind of a mouthful). But, as you may know, many taxpaying immigrants will not be the beneficiaries of any government help during this pandemic. This problem is expounded by the fact that the same taxpaying immigrants are exponentially more likely to be working jobs that are at a higher risk of exposure to the virus. If you would like to learn more about this fund or the organization in general please visit: