Alicia Ugenti

Hi everyone! My name is Alicia Ugenti I am from Westchester County, NY. I am completing my fourth year at Amherst College and I major in Biology and Sexuality, Women’s, and Gender Studies and am on the premed track. Some of my passions include running, cooking, hiking, as well as being an advocate for expanding conversations and teaching in higher institutions surrounding the history of racism and LGBTQ+ liberation. I hope to one day become a doctor and be able to use my voice to speak about sexism and racism in medicine and how we can work to fix these inequities. I am hoping to gain more experience teaching students about reading and writing. In the past, I have tutored in Organic Chemistry and Physics and look forward to expanding my teaching potential. The organization I am passionate about supporting is the Marsha B. Johnson Institute, which serves to protect and defend the human rights of black transgender people. Through their work, donations are put towards defending and protecting the lives of Black Trans people and expanding their COVID-19 relief efforts. The link to the Marsha B. Johnson Institute can be found here: